Sara and James Wedding

This wedding was a joy to capture. Sara and James are both such gracious and caring people it made my job super easy. Their love for eachother and their families showed the entire day. Lots of laughs and fun times were had by all in attendance. Starting off with a first look and ending with fireworks in the distance the day was filled with class and elegance.

Mike and Marie Wedding

This small and intimate wedding was a delight to be a part of. Mike and Marie have such a strong bond, built on their love for family and friendship. Celebrating with them was a joy, as I got to see up close how fun and down to earth they were. The venue was  beautiful, an outdoor set up at Cumberland Belle, just east of Ottawa.

Jam and Jake Elopement

It was so fun to capture Jam and Jake’s elopement. Because of Covid-19 their original plans for a bigger wedding were put on hold but that didn’t stop them from having a special day. We headed up to Mer Bleau Bog and did a first look video. It was amazing to witness Jake’s reaction as he saw Jam in her wedding dress for the first time.

Equator Coffee

Equator Coffee is an amazing local coffee shop I often frequent. Not only do I love their coffee but I also love what they stand for. They pride themselves on making delicious ethical coffee, the right way, being present from the harvesting of the bean to the finish product in our cups. Having their manager Chris run me through the process of how they make their espressos and lattes was super interesting and inspiring and I tried to exemplify that in this promo video I made for them.

Marissa and Solo

Deciding to grab some video footage on a recent portrait photo shoot turned out to be a great idea. Not only was the atmosphere and environment perfect but so to was the relationship between Marissa and her horse. I tried to capture the movement and grace to which they both playfully interacted throughout the shoot. The trees, the barns, the fields, all made for a super elegant tribute.

Brookstreet Hotel Promo

While the pandemic has haulted alot of things, there are still creative ways to go out and have fun. Brookstreet Hotel’s dinner and a show features amazing live music, great food and drinks, and an overall fun and safe atmosphere. West end staples The Dueling Pianos play amazing cover songs that everyone can sing along too. Covering this event was amazing for the simple fact of getting to hear world class performers perform.